About Multi – Consult Ltd

Multi–Consult Ltd is a leading boutique service provider, acknowledged as the preferred partner by both clients and worldwide associates for its integrity, reliability and discretion.

Through thirty three years of continuous growth we are well placed to offer a range of distinctive, high quality services to international organisations and individuals.

Our clients are international businesses relocating to or already established in Cyprus for strategic reasons, or considering new investment opportunities and tax optimisation strategies.

Valued clients are also high net-worth individuals, considering the management of their wealth, minimising taxes and implementing tax structures for asset protection.

We provide tailored solutions which best suit the clients corporate and individual needs. The business relationship with clients is further enhanced by providing all necessary business support and guidance to implement the planned strategy and by monitoring progress and advising on timely action.

With our own highly experienced professionals connected with an extensive network of associates both in Cyprus and worldwide, we offer services at very competitive rates, due to our lean and flexible set-up.